Saray Restaurant

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Menu Saray Restaurant

Here at Saray London we are a restaurant type focused on Turkish takeaway food, as such our menu integrates many signature dishes straight from the region, this includes a variety of dishes like meze entrees iconic to Turkey in the vein of Aubergine and Hummus, as well as complete dishes like Lamb Shish and Chicken Beyti, while our restaurant type is firmly set on traditional Turkish food that doesn’t mean the menu is unapproachable by any stretch, in fact it's quite the opposite, we think of all tastes, and you can also find a children menu amongst our food, with chicken shish or kofte accompanied with chips proving to be a great option for kids, and vegetarian clients can also eat at peace with us, as our selection of Mussakas, Falafel and Kebabs offer vegetarian options and provide an option to all of our customers.

About Saray Restaurant

Saray London is our small Turkey away from Turkey, not only is the food completely authentic to the region, and prepared traditionally, but we've gone to great lengths to portray Turkish culture and tradition in more than just the food, Saray London is designed with the classical Turkish style, exposed woodwork provides a homely feeling, artwork from the region adorns our walls, and period appropriate silverware can be found around the room, of course, it wouldn’t fully be home without a look at what goes on in the kitchen, so our open grill can be seen from any table. Saray London is an independent restaurant, but it's also more than that, and we continue to strive to provide the best service and experience to our customers, a task at which we will continue to do our best for years to come.

Restaurant location Saray Restaurant

We are located in the Herne Hill area of south London, near Brixton, specifically we are located in Norwood Road, in the city of London, while it is close to Brixton, Herne Hill is in general not as busy as the rest of London, and as such it's an ideal place to visit for a bite at any time. However while we'd love to see you in person this is still a takeaway restaurant, and both delivery and pick-up are available online through our site and official app, Saray Restaurant, available both on Google Play and Apple's App Store. With an authentic experience and menu, we offer the best to our customers, so make sure to visit us or order from us in the near future, we will be awaiting you with the best of Turkey.

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